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As Ghanchakkar saw opening at the box office this week, WE would ... - Anil Merani


Neurologists at Essex Univer­sity in the UK have come to ... - Sumit Paul

First Indian Woman To Conquer The “Seven Summits”

On 23 May 2013, PremlataAgarwal placed her feet on Mt McKinley, at 6,194 ... - Rajib Sen

Force-feeding Baby

Gloria Dwomoh of London was found guilty of causing the death of ... - SmitaSinha

How To Plan A Pool Party

Pool parties are the most happening things to happen in the hot ... - Golden Reejsinghani

Just Playing A Character

Would you believe us if we told you that that hot and ... - Anil Merani

Do Your Kids Sleep Well?

Sleep is one of the most talked about topics among parents. ... - Pushpa Bhatia

Pakistan’s Panache Of Summer Attire

To welcome summer afresh, Pakistani designers have created a modish line... - TapapriyaLahiri


Our ancient and medieval poets have portrayed in evocative language the amorous ... - A. C. Tuli

Secrets Of Marital Happiness

Bindu, a sweet, smart, savvy lecturer in a girls’ college, ... - I. M. Soni

How To Develop Self-confidence

Self-confidence is the hallmark of a plus or positive personality.... - I. M. Soni


Post-Nirbhaya, our papers and TV news channels are full of stories of ... - Kasturi Rangachari

TODAY’S FEMALE DJS A Look At The Throbbing Beat Of Modern Girls’ Gigs.

Will you drop your jaw seeing a female DJ performing heady and ... - RaiLahiri

Believing The Patients

I am a doctor working in a clinic run by an NGO ... - JyotsnaRani Swain

An Abode Of Peace

Bringing back memories of yesteryear.... - Dr Parvathi Chandrasekharan


I Became a Danseuse

- Srijaya Char

Love, Remembered

- StutiJamwal

My Dear Thief

- Aishwarya Rao

The Dilemma

- K. J. Rao


- M. Sarada Menon


- Nikita Keswani

Thin rasams, please!

- Mahitha Suresh

The Impersonator

- Teresa Aranha

Topping Trinity

- Roy Cherian

Deep Shallows

- By Rungeen Singh

The Birthday Party

- By M. Sarada

The entrance test

- By Anuradha Krishnan

The hunter and the hunted

- By Geeta Kashyap

The Night She Eloped

- By Subha Sunny

The Visiting Card

- By Jyothi Vinod

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  • The young and The rebellious

    Showing skin while keeping it classy is an art not many have mastered. Here are a few looks that trumph in doing just the same.

  • Fusion Wardrobe

    Spring Fashion Show marked the advent of the chic and extravaganza curiously combined with an unconventional touch to the catwalk held on the banks of the Hudson River. Showcasing an ethereal and exclusive heritage collection blending layers shapes, cuts and colours, the talent from the middle-east took the fashion world by storm.

  • Wedding Wardrobe

    The wedding season is incomplete without the essence of ethnic touch on it. Starting from gorgeous anarkalis to beautiful lehenga-cholis every woman manages to look perfect for any occasion.

  • Perfect Parties

    Long gowns never go out of fashion. Whether it is for a cool cocktail party or a professional gathering, gowns are something that are chosen by every fashion lover.

  • Little Fashion Blitz

    Now, you can undeniably make your little stars look comfortable yet stylish with the fashion of the season.

  • Making Maxi look of the month

    Maxi dresses are one kind of exclusive style that can make you talk of the town after any party that you wear them to. They not only make you look attractive but also tend to give you confidence.

  • Elegant Wedding attire

    Add beauty and charisma to your personality with the tempting wedding apparel.

  • Wedding Wardrobe

    Every occassion demands dresses of its own kind and if it’s a wedding, the demands become more peculiar and stylish.

  • Glam and Stylish

    Dresses can make you look sexy, elegant, genteel and suave at the same time.

  • The Fashion House

    Kid fashion with wonderful mixture of fabric, colour and style in combination with newest trends and classical elements.

  • Summer Specials

    Dahi or yogurt is a popular item in our diet. Use this ingredient to create mouth-watering dishes.

  • Variety of a sort

    Some easily made tasty foods.

  • Highly Enjoyable

    Birthdays, anniversaries are all reasons to celebrate. Here are some celebration recipes.

  • Extremely Delightful

    Some delectable snacks and appetisers.

  • Food for Travel

    No need to stop and look for eatables.

  • Flavours Par Excellence!

    Some unusual dishes prepared usually.

  • Healthy Eatables

    And there is a great feeling of well-being.

  • Quick and easy

    We bring you a mixture of starters, main course, accompaniments and desserts which can be prepared in a hurry for everyday menu or unexpected guests.

  • 1-time Meal

    Some out-of-the blue dishes.

  • Cooking delight

    Winter time is fun time because a lot of winter green vegetables are available in the market to enjoy and cook new delicacies.

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Book Review

... - – Aishwarya Gosain.

Book Review

A book well travelled......

Once Upon A Crush

... - Aishwarya Gosain


... - By Aishwarya Gosain

Book Review

... - Rashmi Bhargava




As you say

A compassionate man
Apropos article Culture Therapy, Woman’s Era, June II.

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Child challenges

I have a nine-month-old baby. She has developed a reddish rash on her buttocks and genital area. Please tell me what to do about it....

- Dr Amrinder Bajaj, MD

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I am pregnant

I am in the eighth month of my pregnancy and the baby’s move­ments have decreased considerably over the last week. Is this a cause for concern?...

- Dr A. K. Bajaj, MD

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Kitchen Queries

How can we make caramelised onions more interesting and where can we use them?...

- SavitaBhargava

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My family, My friends and me…

I am a divorcee aged 32 and I have an eight-year-old daughter. My ex-husband and I had an arranged marriage and decided to get a divorce after ...

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Personal Problems

I belonged till recently to a group of young people – all...

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The incident Icannot forget

I am the eldest of all my maternal cousin sisters. All my cousins are happily married and mothers of naughty and lovely children. Unmarried still...

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Your body

One reads so much about soft drinks being harmful to the body but what is the advice regarding their use?...

- Dr S. N. Khosla, MD

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As you say


- Bh. Indu Sekhar, Hyderabad.

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How I met my husband


- Pradeep Kumar Basu, Nagpur.

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- Kakoli D., Medhi, Guwahati.

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Kitchen queries


- SavitaBhargava.

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- Maya Harish, Kannur.

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Child challenges


- – Dr Amrinder Bajaj, MD.

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- – N. Srividya, Chennai.

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