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The hidden benefactor for your head. ... - Dr AparnaPradhan

Bombay Filmdom

Asin (Ghajani) has been finalised to play the lead opposite Abhishek Bachchan ...

Diverse Draping Of Sari

Accentuated drapes to suit the individual persona.... - TapapriyaLahiri

Does Your Child Eat Right?

How to steer clear of junk food to eat the right stuff. ... - Nadia Asif


Political jargons Two events have taken pre-eminence in the last 15 days. ...

Keep It Simple, Silly!

The best choice you can make.... - Nandita Pai Shirali

Missing: Binding Missives Of Affection

Today’s e-mails have made them obsolete.... - Roy Cherukarayil

It Is Soup Time

Easy-to-make, globally popular meal for every seasons.... - Kamran Mohsin

Under One Roof, All Is Well – Or Is It

Retrospecting the old family tradition. ... - Amisha Chowbey


With the sense of hope come positive emotions such as happiness and ... - Bhawna Shandilya

What A Father Means For Children

Women must know his place in her child’s life.... - Padmini Singh


Another Day to Live

- Lesley D. Biswas


- Ramani Muthanna

New Beginning

- Elaine Roberts

The Number Game

- S. Raghunath

Will You Wait?

- Asha Iyer

Caught in Your Eyes

- By Nisha Singh

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Power that connects – Chetan Bhagat

“Let us not only complain and whine, but understand things and work them out.”- Chetan Bhagat....

Young Adults - Is love complete without lust?

This is the young adult section for fiction and poetry....

- Ecothrust

Tech & Gadgets - The mobile technophiles

"I think it's very important to get more women into computing. My slogan is: Computing is too important to be ...

- Aditi Rastogi

Film & Theatre - Krishna – Dance Drama

Theatre Preview - Dance drama of KRISHNA presented by Shriram Bharatiya Kala Kendra ...

- Megha Jetley

Cubs Corner - Restoring faith in humanity

Woman's era introduces the cubs corner for potential writers amongst college students. Swaneet Kaur a student of development journalism....

- Swaneet kaur

How to Flirt Effectively

Many people find the unwritten rules of etiquette in flirting difficult to follow....

- Maneka Sanjay Gandhi


  • Nonnion Sambhar recipe

    To fight high onion prices,the thing housewife can do best....devise ways of cooking without onions. Puja from California has shared her yummy recipe of Paneer masala without onions.

  • Nonnion Paneer masala recipes

    To fight high onion prices,the thing housewife can do best....devise ways of cooking without onions. Puja from California has shared her yummy recipe of Paneer masala without onions.

  • Nonnion Meat

    If the Government does nothing to reign in the onion prices people will find their own solutions ......Rinku from New Delhi shares her recipe of No Onion Meat

  • Summer Fun

    Make the most of summer fruits and vegetables and add flavour and colour to your recipes.

  • Summer Specials

    Dahi or yogurt is a popular item in our diet. Use this ingredient to create mouth-watering dishes.

  • Variety of a sort

    Some easily made tasty foods.

  • Highly Enjoyable

    Birthdays, anniversaries are all reasons to celebrate. Here are some celebration recipes.

  • Extremely Delightful

    Some delectable snacks and appetisers.

  • Food for Travel

    No need to stop and look for eatables.

  • Flavours Par Excellence!

    Some unusual dishes prepared usually.

Indian Language Translations

Introducing Indian language translations, On the eve of Independence Day we start with revolutionary Bengali poet Kazhi Nazrul Islam's famous poem Vidrohi - The Revoutionary

- Kazhi Nazrul Islam

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Book Review

... - Aishwarya Gosain.

Book Review

A book well travelled......

Once Upon A Crush

... - Aishwarya Gosain


... - By Aishwarya Gosain

Book Review

... - Rashmi Bhargava




As you say

Rats desert sinking ship first
The editorial, Missing Religious Leaders (WE July II) raised the relevant ...

- Ramesh N. Hasgekar

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Beauty queries

I pluck my eyebrows at home with a tweezer. Recently, I overdid it and now my brows are so thin,...

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Household tips

Stains can be removed from wooden table tops with five steal wool and a few drops of olive oil....

- Suvarchala

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Kitchen queries

Many times it comes to our mind, why many pulses are named after animals and birds...

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Money matters

The bank is asking me to pay folio charges. Is it correct?...

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My family, my friends and me…

Both my daughters had arranged marriages. My husband and I chose smart,...

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I am a very shy and reserved 17-year-old girl, and avoid parties and get-togethers....

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Your body

What foods can boost my mood? I often feel depressed though I am quite healthy....

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