6 common and surprising causes of Insomnia!

Are you not able to sleep at night even after a very tiring day? Does this happen frequently? If yes, then you’re probably suffering from insomnia. The people who are insomniac have a difficulty in sleeping at night, they do not get suffici…


5 types of men that you should definitely never go after!

It can sometimes be a little hard to choose the ‘Mr right guy’ for yourself. Many times it is very tempting to settle with a man because the idea of being with someone is too comforting. But, wait there has to be a catch! After some time, y…


10 amazing health benefits of drinking red wine!

Red wine is made from black grape varieties which is very beneficial for our health. Grapes are rich in several antioxidants. These antioxidants also help combat free radical damage. Of course over consumption of red wine is hazardous and c…


10 insane thoughts that every woman has on a first date!

First dates are incredibly awkward and they can be very tricky as they are full of judgement calls. Sometimes everything goes very amazing, yet many a times things might not go as you wanted them to be! Whether it goes well or not there are…


The most common ‘myths’ about Zodiac signs

Astrology goes far beyond the popularized Sun-Sign columns published in newspapers and magazines. Astrology should not be confused with fortune telling, palmistry, psychic or tarot reading. Nor is modern western astrology a belief system li…


10 things that no one tells you about being married!

Marriage is the bond of two souls who promise to stay together for better, for worse and in sickness and health till death separates them apart! This is what the vow of marriage says. But in reality it is very difficult for people to unders…


6 ways to balance your professional life and love life!

Is it becoming hard for you to balance your professional life with your love life? Prioritizing between your work and your partner is a struggle which many people face nowadays. But when it comes to putting your work and love life on the sa…


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