6 ways to maintain a happy and healthy relation

It is easier said than done. Mores so as every person is different. But the path to a happy relationship might somewhat be same. Here are 6 ways to achieve the same: You need to work hard to make a relationship work- Assuming that true love…


Increase height naturally in 1 week

In case you don’t know, the growth of our body is taken care of by a small pea sized gland which sits at the base of the skull and is called the Pituitary Gland. It is the master gland of our body and has many other functions as well other …


Add these to your shampoo for amazing hair

f you don’t want to do make tedious hair packs then this is a way to achieve your perfect hair dream, as easily as possible. Just add the below mentioned things to your shampoo and wait for the magic to take effect! Rose water- Add a cup fu…


50% of marriages end in divorce; is this true?

These statistics are nothings new, but are these statistics based on reality? It is true that a lot of marriages used to end in divorces but this is something that has been decreasing now. The saying that half of all marriages end in divorc…


This simple yoga pose can do a lot for you

It is a notion we have that the more work we do, the more benefits we get. Although, this thinking is not fundamentally wrong, but it is not always true as well. The thing that we need to know is where to put our energy and efforts. Just kn…


6 oils for skin tightening

It is only natural that our skin starts aging, when we start to age. With time, our skin becomes saggy, wrinkles appear as well as other signs like spots and scars. The things that causes skin sagging are less collagen synthesis, sunlight, …


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