The Language Of Love- Which One Is Yours ?

Relationship often get into tricky space, when whatever you do doesn’t seem to please your partner. Every person has different way of expressing or comprehending love- which we call as the language of love. There are basically five types of…


Sushma Swaraj: An Ode To Minister For All

Sushma Swaraj has become the most popular minister in history of country with her sheer efforts in helping people out from crisis situation. External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj has proved she the best performing minister in nearly three…


Raising Voice Against Injustice

International Women’s Day every year on March 8, celebrates the achievements of women from  political to social field-  while calling gender equality. The day is marked around the world with arts performances, talks, rallies, networking eve…


Perfect Amalgamation OF Fashion And Luxury

Zurie Designer studio launched recently and exclusively in Delhi is the one stop shop for all your fashion needs. Zurie, a multi brand luxury studio has created a buzz ever since its launch on February 26, 2017. The collection of Zurie not …


The Tree With A Thousand Apples by Sanchit Gupta

Kashmir has faced the worst time and very few writers have dared to talk about the subject concerning the locals there. Sanchit Gupta, author of the book The Tree With A Thousand Apples has very carefully written and explored the loss human…


Travel Tips To Know He Is Your True Soulmate

So if you have finally found someone, who seems to be the perfect soulmate for you but still aren’t sure to take the plunge. Plan a trip with him, travelling together is the best way to know a person well, his likes, dislikes and woul…


Why You Always Attract A Wrong Guy?

Are you the sort who always end up tripping upon a wrong relationship? Read on. Have you ever thought why you always attract a wrong guy and regret later of wasting your precious time on a wrong person. Let us find the reasons that stops yo…


Why Women Don’t Speak Up On Sexual Harassment?

Not just Bengaluru’s New Year incidence, sexual harassment cases usually go unregistered and there are many reasons to it. Bengaluru, also referred as Silicon Valley of India, witnessed a shocking incident of mass sexual harassment of…


Badal Sircar : Search For The Language Of Theatre

To give an insight into Badal Sircar’s contribution to Indian theatre, this books sums up interviews, essays, dialogues, reviews and notes by the legendary director. Kirti Jain, the editor of book has a firsthand experience of working with …


Christmas Parties In Delhi To Not Miss!

The merriest occasion of the year is here, yes we are talking about Christmas! The festival which is synonymous to fairy lights, christmas trees, winter breeze, wine, plum cakes and company of your friends. This year capital is going to be …


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