Golden Touch : A new Fashion trend

For generations, gold has symbolised wealth, supremacy and guaranteed power. The natural brilliance and luster and its great malleability and resistance to tarnish make it enjoyable to work and experiment with it. We have such an obsession …


Ready to conquer the world- Shilpa Bhatia

With dreams of bringing Haute Couture into the lives of Indians oblivious to high fashion, Shilpa Bhatia runs her venture called The Clothing Rental. Its USP is the unique facility of renting out clothes, rather than buying them outright. S…


Flawless Looks

What should a bride do… It needs no separate mention that everybody would like to look the best on their wedding day. The big day in your life and definitely you would want to gather all the attention and be the cynosure of the gather…


10 Tips to make your relationship great

Look for a novelty- Are you still following the same ritual with your partner of going out for dinner or movie to break the monotony of life? Sometimes you also feel bored, so how about adding some novelty that can truly ignite your relatio…


Biking Queens

A journey with a message par excellence. By Suman Bajpai Spreading the message against gender bias was what four women bikers of Surat’s Biking Queens Club set out to do along this 10,000-km journey over 10 nations. Gone are the days when b…


How to deal with difficult people

No matter where we go, we will face people who are negative, people who oppose our ideas. As a result we react and attack back to defend ourselves, which makes situations and relations more aggravate. So what is the best way to deal with th…


Glowing through summer

Summer is here and with it your skin takes a beating. To beat the heat, follow some rules.  Summer time calls for more cleansing. Just washing the face with water 4-5 times a day will do. Start with hot water and finish off with cold water.…


Why marriages fail

Not all marriages fail for the same reason. Nor is there usually one reason for the breakdown of a particular marriage. Nevertheless, there are some common reasons we hear more often than others. Poor Communication Poor communication is oft…


Men want more from his life partner

Women often think that men only wants sex with her, he is attracted towards her because of her beautiful body and sexy curves…but it’s not true. Partially yes, as sex is inevitable part of any relationship, but it is not everything. Men wan…


Dealing with a spouse’s over-spending

Money may not really be the root of all evil, but it is certainly the cause of a whole lot disagreement in marriages. That’s because people can have such different thinking about money. It’s fairly safe to say that the less mone…


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