Some good Sleep Apps for you!

Discovering your perfect bedtime, and keeping it consistent, is the linchpin to reclaiming your sleep health. But all too often, sleep is elusive. The amount of time an adult needs to sleep each night varies from person to person, but the National Institutes of Health suggests that adults get between 7 and 8 hours of sleep each night. Inadequate sleep affects our general health condition, both, body and mental, our weight and also results in higher risk of diabetes and heart disease. We shall focus on some Smartphone apps, both for Android and iOS, which lessen the challenge of falling asleep at night.

Awoken, a free lucid dreaming tool connects you to your mind and dreams on a whole new level. Awoken packs standard features like reality checks, dream cues and dream journal. One of Awoken’s strong features is the simple and intuitive dream journal. A reminder can be set every morning to help you remember your dream and capture it. Now, isn’t that interesting? Keeping a dream journal and learning about your unconscious landscape helps you in achieving lucid dreaming and firms up your dream memory. It may sound strange, but the key exercise in the learning of lucid dream lies in your distinguishing between a dream and life situation.


The Pillow app helps you sleep easier, wake up happier, understand how you sleep and learn what you can do to improve it. The wake-up window can be customised and the alarm setting feature is convenient. Ringtones are extensive and pleasant. Pillow records both your motion and sound. Making use of the latest sleep analysis methodologies, which are scientifically proven, you can get a detailed history of your quality of sleep and also the best time to wake you up. On waking up the sleep statistics can be reviewed and you can also listen to the prominent sound recordings which include sleep apnea and sleep talking.

Sleepbot: The graphs in this app show your body movements and sounds over the course of the night. Sleepbot has three major aspects: a smart alarm, movement tracker and a sound-recorder and a smart alarm. You can activate any one, all or any combination of these features simply by gently hitting a checkmark found next to each of the features. The sound-recording feature will automatically detect sleep-talking, snoring and bumps in the night and record clips which helps you to get a clear picture of the disturbances caused during the night time as soon as you wake up in the morning. The easy-to-read interactive graph sets this app apart.

sleepbot (1)

White Noise: While you are asleep physically, your brain does not rest and is constantly listening and scanning for various sounds and noise. Pin-drop silence during sleeping time is interrupted by unwanted sounds that include sound of dripping water, police siren… White Noise generates sounds encompassing a broad range of frequencies that aid in the masking of those interruptions, which results in not only your falling asleep, but also staying asleep. The app generates a soothing audio soundscape to gently lull you to sleep. With sounds like those made by blowing wind, ocean waves or fire, the app is perfect for days when you catch yourself tossing and turning. Users can also create their own blend of sounds, according to what works best for them.


Pzizz: Push of a button and there you are fast asleep! This sleep and power nap system is a great app to help you gently fall asleep and wake up with a refreshed feeling, using a combination of music, sound effects and distressing beats. You can opt for a listening duration of your choice, and the app creates a unique track each time you listen to it from inbuilt media. This app uses a combination of binaural tones and soothing music to put you to sleep. Binaural beats refer to a type of audio recording wherein different frequencies of sound are played in each ear, with the resulting difference leading to the creation of an extraordinary beating tone which, it is believed, influences brainwave activity. Put your device in airplane mode so you won’t be disturbed, hit play, relax and enjoy your nap or your night’s sleep.

Sleepmaker Rain: Who is it that does not fall in love with rain? There’s something so gently reassuring about pitter patter that it lulls you into a peaceful sleep. With Sleepmaker Rain, all you need to do is plug in those earphones and let yourself relax to the sound of a downpour. The app has a range of audio clips, ranging from gentle onto forest foliage and medium falling off porch to heavy torrential downpour. This app appears to be specifically designed for eco – conscious person and is safe to put young children and infants to sleep.

sleepmaker rain

Which App would you opt for?