Top apps every woman should have

It’s become something of a truism to say that there’s an app for everything, and that’s certainly the case with some of these female-centric apps that aim to help us out with things like staying fit, hunting down bargains and even sorting out our finances.


Most of us will have felt the pressure to ensure that our selfies are as picture-perfect, and whilst there’s an endless range of photo editing tools out there, our favourite has to be the popular Facetune app that can remove blemishes and help us get that magazine-style sheen.

When we’re not paying attention to our faces, there’s also apps that can help us tailor our fashion aesthetic with ShopSavvy helping us to find the best factory outlet bargains. Whereas Virtual Dressing Room does exactly what you’d expect by allowing you to dress a full-body photograph of yourself with a range of stylish attire so that you can find the perfect outfit for a wedding, job interview or night out on the town.

If you’re looking to liven up your commute then there’s many simple puzzle gaming apps out there like Monument Valley that have beautiful textures and addictive gameplay. Whereas even when at home, the games of roulette and slots at show that we can all have a glamorous night at the casino from the comfort of our sofa.

Other great entertainment apps include the revolutionary Spotify music app, the fantastic movie and TV offerings on the Netflix app, and of course the Audible literature app that has a massive range of audiobooks for a revolutionary way to enjoy the latest bestsellers.

Of course, it’s not all fun and games as the Mint finance app gives us an easy way to calculate our outgoings and budget for future expenses so that we don’t make any late payments or fall into debt.

Similarly if you’re looking to stay fit and healthy there’s a good selection of apps out there from the punishing-but-effective 7 Minute Workout app, to the Nexercise app that aims to make exercise a little more fun by allowing you to compete with friends in achieving your fitness objectives.

And if you’re feeling a little stressed out, then bear in mind that the popular Buddhify app takes advantage of the mindfulness trend by giving you some digital assistance in relaxing and unwinding to prepare you for the next day!