Wait, what? Fans walked out of AR Rahman’s concert in UK and the reason has shocked us to bits

Hindi speaking fans got disappointed after attending music composer AR Rahman’s concert in Wembley, London on July 8. The concert-goers walked out because “most of the songs were in Tamil”. Now, this reason must be valid for them but for others it’s stupid, as Rahman is from Tamil Nadu and his title is ‘The Mozart of Madras’ not Mumbai. Also, the name of the concert was ‘Netru, Indru, Naalai’ which makes it obvious that the songs would be in Tamil.

Some annoyed Hindi speakers are even demanding refund because they had to sit through Tamil songs, this proves that they are not a fan of music at all. Remember the cliche, which goes like ‘music has no language’ which means without even understanding a single word, we can definitely not just ‘sit through’ but enjoy songs in any language.

Check out some tweets that were posted by the Hindi speaking fans after the concert:

But there were some folks who had some sense in them:

Also, Music Aloud tweeted the actual song list for the concert which included 16 Hindi songs and 12 in Tamil.