Interesting facts about fearless journalist Gauri Lankesh

Gauri Lankesh was a senior journalist form Bangalore, who was a raging annotator of right wing Hindutva politics. From the very beginning, she was very inquisitive and strong headed against the god men, frauds, charlatans and the superstiti…


These 8 terrible hairstyles will make you go ROFL!

Having a haircut is probably the most preferred choice when someone wants to get themselves a make-over! Even a minute change in hairstyle can work wonders (or disaster) to one’s appearance. Well, lucky are those who have great barber…


Not just Hrithik, Kangana blasted out on these 5 people too!

Kangana Ranaut never fears speaking out her mind aloud! And with her latest interviews, she has proven it all over again. The actress who is busy promoting her upcoming film, Simran, took a bold stance on her infamous feud with Hrithik Rosh…


What does your Egyptian Zodiac Sign say about you?

Just like Indian astrology, Egyptian astrology is also made up of 12 signs. In Egyptian astrology, a group of days of the year are represented by each of the signs. And each sign is symbolized by an Egyptian god (exception of The Nile). Scr…


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