Warrior yoga

10 Yoga Positions that help to reduce Belly fats

Belly fat is very common in the people belonging to different age groups. At a certain age period, everyone has to face the situation of belly fat in the body. The problem of belly fat is common in both male and female. Sometimes it creates…


Girls, never ever put these 6 things in your private part!

It goes without saying that your vagina is an important part of your body. Every girl wants to ensure that it is in its healthiest and perfect state. But while most of us stress a lot about keeping it all healthy and pampered, here’s a piec…

Avoiding meat and eating plenty of veggies is the way

How to check breast cancer

Avoiding meat and eating plenty of veggies is the way. By Maneka Sanjay Gandhi My mother died of breast cancer. I have had many violent deaths in my family and each one has been gut wrenching. Nothing is as bad as watching a beloved parent …


12 Healthy life hacks everyone should know

For the most part, there are no quick and fast answers when it comes to living a completely healthy lifestyle. It all takes hard work, keenness, and commitment. That’s why; it’s nice to find a couple quick tips that make “healthy” so much e…

accessories for a new mom.


Must-have accessories for a new mom. By Sudha Hariharan Breast milk provides the ideal nutrition for infants. It has a nearly perfect mix of vitamins, protein and fat at the right consistency temperature, everything your baby needs to grow.…

baby’s first special feed


Your baby’s first special feed. By Romola Shanbhag Nature has ingeniously provided us with the perfect wherewithal for a healthy life,starting from our very birth. And colostrum is one of these precious gifts. What exactly is colostrum? It …

Sun bath

How to boost your Energy level

The nine most effective ways to do it. By Sudesh Gogia Come out from your AC corridors in which you’ve been putting up for long. Studies at Toronto University have confirmed people spend very little time in the sun and spend more time indoo…

Trick your Way to Slimness

Trick your Way to Slimness

Eat food that boosts your metabolic rate. By Kalpana M Nagano Understanding metabolism Metabolism is the continuous series of life-sustaining chemical reactions that take place within every cell of our body. These chemical reactions allow t…