Marvels under water. By Kusum Mehta Coral has been popular for thousands of years. Its curative powers were strongly believed by the  ancient Romans. A piece of red coral was supposed to change colour according to the state of the wearer’s …

Darter bird Kali River Dandeli

Visiting Dandeli

A birder’s paradise. By Brinda Ganesan It was pitch dark and I had come out in the open and followed the eerie glow of the lights from the other side of the River Kali, to get to the river. The water gleamed under the spell of the full moon…

Gardens by the Bay

Dazzling Singapore

Tips for the first-time travellers. By Sripriya Satish If Singapore is in your list of travel destinations and that too if you are a first-time visitor to this wonderland, then I am sure this article will take you on a quick ride through th…

Nagasaki Japan

Visiting Nagasaki Japan

How it has recovered from an atom bomb blast. By D.B.N. Murthy After an interesting visit to Hiroshima, I decided to go to Nagasaki, where the second atom bomb fell just three days after Hiroshima. It was an interesting train ride, changing…


Mesmerising McCluskieganj

The  moment  you  set  foot  in  McCluskieganj  you  realize  the   reason  why  Earnest  Timothy  McCluskie,  a  Scot-Indian  gentleman  choose  it  to  be  a  permanent  homeland  for  the  Anglo-Indian  community.  There  couldn’t  have …