Wise women never demand these five things from her partner

When you fall in love there are certain expectations which automatically comes but that doesn’t mean you start demanding unnecessary things. Unconditional love is what makes a relationship healthy and prosperous.There are times you become  …


This Is How How Make Up Sex Can Ruin Your Relationship

Whoever lets you know, battles will stop when you’re hitched, is lying! They will step by step diminish, that is valid. They will most likely just be over vital things, which could make them much more warmed. Be that as it may, the im…


5 Reasons why YOU keep getting hurt in relationships.

You have suffered through one failed relationship after another or you might be wondering why nothing ever seems to work out for you. People around you reassure you that there is not much to worry about or sympathize you with ‘n’ number of …


Is it love or just sheer infatuation?

You meet someone, you go on dates, you like him, his company, and a week later you say    ‘I LOVE YOU’, but in reality is it actually love or its just sheer infatuation towards him? Where is the fine line? Why are we on fast track even in t…


5 tips to control your fantasy into reality

Relationship Fantasies are part of everyone’s world whether a man or woman. Most fantasies are about others than the current partner. But a lot of risk is involved if you try to convert your fantasy into reality. Risk of losing respect in t…


Signs that your partner is cheating on you!

Even after being in a relationship, feeling lonely? Or perhaps not getting the same vibe from your partner? Or having that uneasy feeling that something’s just not right with him? Then start looking for these signs in your partner. Maybe so…


9 Tips To Have a Great Second Date

Dating often proves to be a painstaking work. It leads people to mainly concentrate on the first date, as if they are not interested in the further development of a relationship. Of course your first date may be a success, but there is a gr…


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