What do Indian couples

What do Indian Couples do on their First Wedding Night?

I know this has raised your excitement to read the article. Without losing any time and waiting my words, let’s check the things that happen on the first night of an Indian couple. They take a deep sleep: By this I actually mean deep sleep,…

What is ideal age difference

What is the ideal age difference in a Marriage?

People say age doesn’t matter if you really love each other, but does age difference between a couple really have an impact on success or failure of a relationship? According to a study conducted by Emory University in Atlanta, there’…


Shopping hacks Every Plus-size Bride should try

Everyone who is married or going to get married soon can connect with a common confusion – that is what to shop for a perfect wedding. Whether size zero or slim trim, most brides get a little nervous before shopping for their weddings. And …


Budget friendly wedding

Need of the time. By Suman Bajpai Every year, people spend lakhs of rupees on a single day – the wedding day. From outrageous venues to opulent clothes, to gourmet food and free-flowing drinks, a wedding can cost literally anything. B…


Drape Ethnic

Jewellery and make-up tips for the upcoming wedding season. By Prachi Bhardwaj Wedding season is around the corner. And the big question in everybody’s mind is how am I going to dress up for the occasion. It’s natural to be concerned about …


Gigstart – The Perfect Planning App for your Wedding

It’s a magical and joyful occasion when it’s perfectly put together, but getting it right takes a lot of planning and many realize just how much stress is involved into putting together the biggest day of their life. Planning a wedding requ…


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