I’m 26 yrs old and I ‘ve completed my mbbs. I’ve found a guy who was my batchmate. He got d.ortho in a popular clg.proposed me . I liked him at first. Only liking nothing like love.. then after talking with him for 2-3 months I got serious and started loving him a lot.. he is like average in looks but good by heart and very intelligent.it was very good in start but now when he completed his post graduate degree. He’s behaving differently.he always shouts at me.I’ve put on some weight. He says lose ur weight I don’t like fatty ppl.

He told about us to his parents and his parents said that me use fasa rhi hu.. don’t talk to her again. N now he’s changed. He sends fb request to each and every random beautiful girl.. starts chatting with them.. don’t even talk with me.. we just fight a lot now a days.. my parents are asking me to get married.. we’ve crossed our limits also..I’m just rejecting every other proposal. Hes just fighting with me in each n every thing.. about that fb rqsts..

I fought with him not to.. but he said u unfriend ur all male friends I’ll not send anyone request and I’ll block all the girls.. I told him just don’t send request to random girl.. he didn’t accept.. after each passing day he’s like doing things that he know I’ll never like.. N when I said let’s part our ways.. he calls again n again in morning.. just to talk.. not getting what to do.. what do u think he is not interested in marrying me anymore and that’s why doing such things purposely..?? Pls help.. what can I do. ?? Leave him or be with him..??
I’ve talked about this.. but he always denies he says ur not good by nature ull fight with my parents..change urself first before telling ur parents about us.. just not getting what should I do…