I m in relationship with a guy..we started our relationship in the year 2015.sab thik chal raha tha but he lied to me regarding his job.i still forgave him and wanted to continue after 6 month he go transfer to some other state.after going thr he started to ignoring me badly.i still tried to contact him but he had blocked me from everywhere. After a year he contacted me back and like a fool I gave him one more chance just because I was still love with him.we decided to meet each other.and jab mile I forgave him and from thr we started our relationship again.eveythijg was going good again but when I met him this time I was checking his cellphone and the way he had conservation with his cousin sister I didn’t liked it.the time and importance he should give to me he give to his sister.he lied to me many times because of her.he is more involed with her rather then me.pls suggest me something.