I am 24 yr old, i am in a relationship with a guy from 3 yrs. Now my parents wants me to get marry till next year. But the main problem is he is not settled he earn only the amount which is sufficient for his pocket money only. And i dnt knw wats the problem but whenevr he tries to strt business some hurdles arise due to which that business plan gets cancel and he had joined office 2 times for the job. But the first tym he left and secnd tym aftr the joining of 1 month he got ill due to which he was not able to attend the office for 15 days and aftr that they didnt took him.
Due to all these i am very jmuch disturbed that what should i do .
As earning is crucial.

Also another point is i really dont like his family as his family is not enjoyng like mine they always remain disturbd depressd. And if i a say anythng abt his family he fights with me. He is a little bit mumma boy kind of guy.
Please suggest what should i do.