One year ago I got engaged with a 27 years old boy who is living in Canada
He is very nice boy I respect him but the big problem of my Fiancé is that he is too much momy Dady boy
His dad takes all of his salary and spend in away that he wants without telling to my fiancé
My fiancé is rich enough I mean he has houses
I told him since your living in Canada so lets have separate life
At first he agreed later on he refused and said I can’t do this without telling my parents and now I can’t tell them I want separate house
Your demanding a lot
Many times we fought on this topic
I want my right because he is not the only one in his family he has more siblings so there are already 7 members in his family I meant his parents are not alone and he had a separate house which is on rent
So I fought for my right and it’s really unfair asking all the things from parents I really respect his parents but this is not proper
Once there was wedding he didn’t have permission to come here just Coz his daddy wants to come
Interfering is destroying us
Plz guide me what to do if it’s my fault let me know ?
I really can’t keep calm since it’s my right
I have deleted my viber and other apps and don’t want to talk him until he feels that I have some value in his life am I doing right or not plz help me out ???
Hoor Yaar
Plz post it