i am a girl.. got engaged with a merchant and it was an arrange marriage. he just have a mother in his family. he lost his father so he wanted to get marry as early as possible to take care of his mother as well bcz maximum times he use to go abroad for his work.he was very caring and i started developing feelings for him.our engagement was a big event.

our families were very happy. 1 day he took me to his meeting at rajasthan. we had a stay in hotel in jaipur. he insisted me to make out as he was my fiance and we were about to get marry the very next month.few days later we had a short fight and he started avoiding my calls..it was my mehendi ceremony and i was very happy as a bride.and i got his Mother’s call that my son dnt wants to marry u.i called him to ask whats wrong.. to which he replied i dnt allow a girl to speak over me whether i am ryt or wrong. i was trying to convince him bt he was very rigid.. and he told me to forget whatever had happened in jaipur.my parents had a word with him.. his mother tried to convince him but all in vain..

The wedding cards has been distributed and now my parents are making phone calls to every guest and informing about the wedding got broken… and the irony is his name is still written on my hands with mehendi…