Why “ghosts” in movies are mostly played by females

Every wondered why female ghosts are creepier than their male counter parts? The physical appearance is definitely a big point here. I mean who won’t be scared of a person having scattered long hair, red eyes, pale face and maybe… I don’t know a stitched mouth or something. It is true that a female ghost looks scarier than a male ghost and that is a big reason to use female ghosts but other than that, what is the next big thing that people look into when choosing a ghost?

A movie won’t do well if the story is not good. We might watch if for its amazing CGI effects and styling, but the life of a story ultimately burns down to the concept of the story. From this we can relate the second big reason as to why the use of female ghosts is marginally higher.

Vengeful ghosts and bad spirits have a past and trauma. Something terrible must have happened to them and so they turned bitter and revengeful; the revenge they could not take when they were living, will now reign upon the criminal after the victim’s death. That is ghosts in fictional works, work.

But fiction is yet another aspect of reality. We bend reality and call it fiction. The stories that we make are nothing but scraps and pieces of our experiences and lives. What am I trying to imply? In a male dominated world, women have always been on the receiving end of blows.

This is exactly the reason why female ghosts are more popular. If you pick up some old fable and read through it (be it one concerning paranormal activities or not), you will always find a female character who will be going through hell. All our mythological stories too, have such examples. There is always a female who is suffering. As times passes, the guilt that mankind feels towards the treatment of women, has finally taken over their brains.

Ghost stories now almost always start with the abuse or trauma of a ‘female’ character. This character ultimately dies and the vengeful spirit now seeks revenge. Also, it is shown that the more trauma a person bears, the equal or higher amount of darkness the spirit will possess. We hardly see any week spirits in our films. 90% are females and 89% are super strong with 100% dark pasts.

I think it is safe to assume at this point that the fictions we are seeing, are no longer fictions. They are a portrait of our reality. The only difference is that the women who get abused to the extent that they lose their lives, won’t be coming back from the astral realm for justice.

By no means am I trying to imply that females are the only ones suffering. We see male ghosts from time to time, as well. But once you start comparing the number of female ghosts to male ghosts, you will understand which section of our society is truly sinking.