6 Signs Your Best Friend Is Falling in Love with You

Friends are the most important part of our life. You can share each and every thing with your bestiee. But what if your best friend wants to become your partner. It might be possible that you friend wants to be your partner but he/she is just not able to discuss this feeling with you.
But don’t worry here are some signs by which you can judge whether your best friend is just your best friend or want to be more than that.


1 Its obvious that you both are the part of same group and whenever you want to go out you all go together but if your friend has fallen for you than now he/she will start asking you to go for a outing separately. He/she will always try to take you away from others just to spend some time alone.
2 Normally our friends only insults us no matter how good we are looking they always try to insult us in front of others but if your friend suddenly starts complimenting you than it’s a sign that he/she started liking you . They will pay more attention towards what you are wearing,how you are looking etc.
3 Normally our friends don’t feel jealous when we talk to others (opposite gender) but if your friend is really feeling for you than he/she will definitely feel jealous when you start talking to someone else. He/she also feel sad when you ignore him/her.
4 Friends are caring but if your friend is becoming extra caring and possessive than its also a sign that he/she is feeling for you. He/she keeps on texting you. Always tries to know about your status that where are you,have you reached home etc, which is not normal in friendship. It’s a clear sign that your friend want to be more than friend.
5 Suddenly your way to communicate with your friend changes. Whom you are insulting or pulling a leg yesterday, today you are communicating with him/her very sweetly and respectfully. This is a clear sign that your friend is not your friend anymore, they wants to become more than friends for you.
6 He/she starts introducing you with not only his/her parents but also from there relatives also. They try to involve you with there family, invites you in every get together. It means that he/she wants to be more than friends.