Happy Birthday Daniel Radcliffe

Happy birthday to The Boy Who Lived! It’s hard to believe that Harry Potter (err,Daniel Radcliffe) turned 27 years old on Saturday —in our minds, he’ll always remain the adorable 11-year-old actor who stole our hearts as the confident young wizard in J.K. Rowling’s famous serialization of the world’s most popular bestseller.

While the beloved movies remain the favorites, Radcliffe himself has made an incredible transformation as an actor.  The 27-year-old actor has played a long-haired and scruffy hunchback in Victor Frankenstein, a nude horseman in Broadway’s Equus, and even in a corpse in this year’s Swiss Army Man. But the way it was in Harry Potter series it can’t be expressed in words.


So, The Harry Potter legend had turn 27 this Saturday. People are still mad to know every detail about him. Everybody is looking to have a clue about his next upcoming series. The J.K. Rowling star Harry Potter or Daniel Radcliffe is loved by people of not only in the UK but also word wide including huge number of fans in India also. We have seen more female fans of him in India than the males.


People still go wild about his magic spells and the way he used them in his Harry Potter series. Some of them that we remember is ‘ wingadium laviosa’ that is used to keep the things in air. Other is ‘alohamora’ that is used to unlock any door, or ‘awadakewada’ that is the death curse faced by him. He was but was saved by his mom and others fortunately. For the people who don’t know the name of all the spells used in series and games are given on google, you just need to type keywords- ‘Spells used by Harry Potter’.

Daniel is not only the hero of teens and their fantasies but also the people who love to be lost in their own desires. Daniel was awarded for Teen Choice award in 2010 for his deathly hallows part 1 and MTV best actor award for his contribution in the second and last part. Harry Potter the eight movie series is still loved by many people and people still watch it over the latest plays.

According to the sources Daniel celebrated his 27 birthday with very few people. The movie sensation doesn’t like to be in crowd he said when asked for its reason. He prefers to spend his birthday in his home with girlfriend Erin Drake. They both enjoy the company of each other confirmed Erin this Saturday.

Remembering the series oh Harry Potter what always sticks to our mind is his spells and the way he used them to correct situation. Followed by Ron Weasely (Rupert Grint) and Hermoine Granger (Emma Watson).  All these three characters were really cherry on the cake. After so much much time also people are ready to watch those movies again and again because of their charm.

On the behalf of all our Indian fans, we wish Daniel a very happy birthday and wishes may god to bless him with a wonderful carrier ahead. We are still waiting for more movies of him.