What? This character will kill Maya in the climax of Beyhadh?

Well, our very favorite show Beyhadh is about to come to an end anytime soon and we just can’t get over this fact. Anyhow, all good things come to an end and so will this amazingly popular show Beyhadh.
We all have been really curious to know what is going to happen in the end. Maya who is a psychopath has been doing all things crazy for her love Arjun and all her bad deeds will have to end some day. Now Arjun and Saanjh have come back together and they are planning to trap Maya.
While you all have been guessing what will happen in the end, a new report can probably help you think about it. As per new reports, Maya will die in the end of Beyhadh. And no, it is not Arjun who will kill her. Maya will be killed by her own mother in the end.
Yes, as per some reports, Maya;s mother who is currently seen on the wheelchair will be seen killing her daughter. We still don’t know how she will do it in such a condition but if the reports are true, it will be interesting to see it.
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