Ten Fashion Bloopers of Aishwarya Bachchan !

Aishwarya Rai, the gorgeous, beautiful lady in Bollywood has the hearts of the whole world. She is that beauty we would love to see always. Killing it in every costume, looking beautiful, carrying herself beautifully even with a child, winning Miss World in 1994, doing brilliant films, this girl has truly stolen everyone’s heart with her beauty and grace.

But, every actor has had their bad days, right?

Where what was in “fashion” wasn’t really fashion, it was a horrendous disaster. Even Aishwarya Rai faced such days and here is a list of the dresses she will definitely be saying No to if she sees them ever again.

The belt

Yes, I agree that the big designer belts on anything were quite a thing in the 2000s, but ‘were they any good’ is the real question you need to ask yourself.

Cut it out

Yes, cut out dresses, look good on some, great on some and just disgusting on other designs or people. This time, sadly, it looked just like we’d like to cut it out from my memory.

Like, literally!


Yes, you literally need to be more smarter about your choice of clothes, like really smarter.

What’s on the neck?

The tragic life of whatever it was to make sure her neck feels like it has more accessories, a short note to be released soon. Just please!

We agree that comfort is everything, but when you are trying to be beautiful at a Red Carpet, you need to be extra careful.

Back in the 2000s, she wasn’t a style goddess, this outfit is a clear proof of it, isn’t it?

Shimmer and casual

What do you need a rhinestone for? Okay, even if you, No, why do you? Why do you need to?