On the Face of Failure

On the Face of Failure
It is so easy to succumb
To despair and panic that makes numb
Even the very core of the heart
But no matter how many times
Life rejects you
Disappointment slaps you
Career and projects flop
And there is no redeeming avenue
All right, let us say it and face it
Everyone calls you a failure
And there is no reprieve.
Still it doesn’t matter.
Still don’t accept defeat.
Even when you fall
Get up,
But then wait for just a moment
To see what made you fall
Learn the lesson and move ahead.
The more the obstacles
The more you should push forward
Just work on, and try on and on
Till you are dead.
And success, happiness and prosperity
May just surprise you and be yours;
Getting you name and fame till posterity.
– Rungeen Singh.

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