Bid To Improve Sanitary Conditions in MCD Schools

We all are well aware with the proverb that a sound mind lives in a healthy body. A sound body is the most splendid treasure a woman or a man can always cherish.  The body is a living thing to be put out in the air and the sunshine.

In terms of cleanliness and hygiene Government and MCD schools in Delhi have always lacked behind.  It is really shocking that even after 69 years of independence children in government schools are not washing their hands with any soap or sanitizer after using the toilet. There are no provisions of soaps in these schools. Schools which are considered as temples of education in our nation are becoming the worst examples when it comes to hygiene and cleanliness.



A non-governmental organization, Sampurna, in collaboration with BJP has launched a campaign “Delhi School Adarsh Toilet Mission 2016” for improving the deteriorating conditions of sanitation in government and MCD schools. A survey was conducted in 455 such schools and it was found that there were neither water nor soaps in the toilets and even the sewers were terribly blocked. It was also witnessed that children of such schools urinate and pass their stools either outside the school toilets or outside the school premises.

Now, this social welfare organization is aiming to make the toilets of government schools clean and usable. “The campaign will be started from 1st August and it is a three year program. The appointed volunteers will visit the Government and MCD schools in every 15 days and will resolve the related issues there itself. Micro and Macro level programs will be introduced in schools to inculcate the importance of hygiene in children.”said the Founder President and Municipal Councilor, Rohini Central Dr. Shobha Vijender on Friday. 5000 volunteers will be appointed to promote this campaign. These volunteers would create awareness amongst the children and staff to use the soaps properly after using the toilets.

The micro and macro level programs will include inculcating habits to maintain personal hygiene and to perpetuate cleanliness in students. Sanitation facilities are grossly inadequate in the capital and need urgent attention. These schools are budding those children that will build this nation tomorrow so the health of these adolescents should not be compromised at any cost. A large number of toilets in schools are having no sewage connection. Most of these toilets in schools are not clean, walls are dirty with cheap slogans and no wash basins to wash hands.

A mobile app has also been launched under the campaign along with a toll free number 18002701005 where anyone can complaint regarding their specific school toilet.

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