5 Tricks to make your eyes look tremendously sexy!

Every woman around the globe need to be admired and cherished of their beauty and that needed to be enhanced. Eyes are an important feature of a face, and eye make-up is an essential part of make-up. They not only make you look adorable but may turn the heads around. The best secret keepers of your body, yes! your eyes need to be looked attractive. Now, you don’t have to worry about how they need to be looked on a Saturday night or on your sister’s wedding. Make them look way different and bigger and refreshed as they hypnotise everyone out there. Here are the best tricks for your eyes to make them look the best…

  2. Get
  3. deliberate with mascara

After the application of the first layer of your mascara as usual, also apply the second layer of mascara in such a way that the only outer corners of the eyes are covered. As it is truly said by a make-up artist that by highlighting the outer corners of your eyes make them look more open and lifted, it makes them look beautiful and enlarges them. Just with a proper swipe of a hand, you can get the thick, defined and mild long lashes in few seconds.


  1. Highlight your eye-lids

Just like highlighting your cheekbones glows up your face, similarly, the same is for the eyes. No need to use any proficient practise for this. Tapping of a shimmering eye shadow in the centre of each eye-lid is a perfect trick. It brightens the area of your eyes. For appropriate application, you could use soft taupe or else, using a finger to blending is also a good idea.


  1. Conceal the redness around your rims

The redness around your rims is natural, but you can hide it too. By using an eyeliner extend the appearance of the whites of your eyes. And the good part is, if you do lining to your eyes with eyeliner pencil in nude or cream, it basically acts as a concealer for the inner rims of your eyes. It has an enlarging effect as the eyeliner pencil takes away the redness so the whites of your eyes make them look whiter and brighter.


  1. Shaping your eye brows

Your eyes can look more widened by shaping your brows into an arch shape. As, “An arch says it all”. The shape of brows in an arch reveals more amount of skin, and hence an illusion is created and the eyes seems to appear look much bigger. Don’t get your eyes over-tweezed, this may ruin everything. Make sure that you see a proper pro who could just get a proper shape of your eye brows.


  1. Boosting up your brows

This is the most relevant one, this need not to be forgotten. Skipping this step is identical of wearing an impressive dress with the slippers. Blending of your brows with a specific highlighter, highlighting your brow bones into the corners of your eyes, just below each eyebrow. This fights against any darkness on the inner corners. The brows open your eyes by calling up the attention.

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