6 Hacks that will help you smell good throughout the day!

There’s nothing that feels great, other than knowing that you smell good and it adds an extra spring in your step. Little tricks and tips makes a huge difference. And, this monsoon and humid season isn’t going to stop you from smelling if you prone to excessive sweating. There are really some people, who would smell good always, even after their work out. There are different things that makes them different from the rest, you can do them too. If you are looking for your strong scent game here are ways that can make you smell awesome. With these simple hacks, your fragrance can last longer than ever. You’ll wonder why you waited this long!!!

  1. Use petroleum jelly

Probably, the best way to lock up the fragrance of your scent is the use of petroleum jelly. You need to apply it on the pulse points like wrist, neck, elbows, knees and ankles. This is because, only oily skins do hold up the fragrance better. While, if your skin is dry then its use is must. You can also use other regular moisturisers.


  1. Don’t apply antiperspirant on wet body

We totally understand that you people are always in a hurry to your work or college etc. but, applying a perfume or scent on a wet body will never let the fragrance last longer, just give a minute to pat yourself completely dry and then application of antiperspirant should be done. Also, some people have severe body odour, in that case, using a hand sanitiser under your arms can prove effective.


  1. Where you store your perfumes matters

You should never leave your perfumes or deodorants in the bathroom. It is truly found that if you store them in the bathroom, instead of their original boxes, then the quality of fragrance will become less as most of the times it gets hot and humid whereas, cool, dark and dry places keeps them always fresh.


  1. Don’t rub the perfume

People often adopt such practice, they do rub their wrists after applying perfume on them. This is the result of craze, it is truly not recommended to do so. This clearly destroys the molecules of the scent and changes the way it smells. If you want to transfer the aroma you can gently press both the wrists together.


  1. Apply perfume to “Hot Spots”

Want to make perfume last longer? The perfume should be applied to the places that emanate heat, this simply activates the scent. These typical points are inside the wrist, behind the ears, the base of your throat, inside your elbows and behind your knees.


  1. Use an alcohol-free mouthwash

As per the recommendation of dentists, a mouthwash with alcohol results in the dryness of the mouth and it reduces the salivary flow in your mouth. Hence, it causes a bad breath. So, you must always use the alcohol frees rinse to avoid feeling embarrassed of your odour while talking to others.

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