8 stupid things every skinny girl is tired of listening!

Being a woman in this country is a real pain. You are body shamed if you are fat and not skinny. But you are also body shamed if you are skinny and not chubby. Funny, no? But wait, it is more annoying than funny! I won’t say things are worse for which section, like for chubby ones or for skinny ones! But people leave no chance to turn a social get-together into a nightmare for skinny girls with their constant snarky taunts and baseless suggestions.

Surprisingly, women cry out for equality from men but when it comes to issues like body shaming, women take the front seat to make the other women feel inferior.

And here are 8 annoying things that every skinny girls is tired of listening!


  1. “Don’t you ever eat”: Like really? Do you literally think that a human can sustain without eating? What stupid comment is that!


  1. And when they finally see you eating! “OMG! You eat so much but where does it all go”: I don’t know either! *cries*

you eat so much



  1. “Lol! Your boobs are too small”: Oh really? So kind of you to notice that! But isn’t having confidence way better than having a big pair of boobs?
  2. “Do you buy clothes from kids section?” This just makes me cry!kids section
  3. “Try banana shake”: But bruh, you don’t know I have tried it all! Banana shakes, protein shakes and even bulk-up diets!

6: “Why do you have to go to gym?”: For your kind information, one doesn’t hit the gym just to lose weight. Exercise and gym, both are good for health, body and mind.



  1. “You look like a hanger”: Tight fitted clothes make us look over skinny and loosened ones make us look like hangers! What do we do now! Can you help? No? Then shut up! -_-



  1. “Are you in 8th standard?”: Hahahah! But FYI, this doesn’t make you cool!

And This!

No matter if you are intelligent or dumb, fair or dusky, tall or short, fat or skinny, polite or rude; people’s judgment meter always remains on! Can’t we just be nice to each other?

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