Bullying Is Not Fun, It Is A Crime.

It was two weeks ago when  I was just reading morning newspaper  and going through the random headlines  when suddenly one headline  made me stop from  turning  over  to the next page .The headline said “Bullied by peers, 14-year-old jumps from 10th floor”. The news  was about how a 14 year old school kid who was bullied  by other students  in class and even  in school bus daily. He could not take that humiliation and finally decided to go for suicide straight after coming from school  and jumped from the 10th floor of his building. No one understood that what mental agony he was going through. The student who used to bully him, did it just for fun, -, but was that actually a fun?


Boy bullied


Destroying the self respect of that 14 year old kid, making him a piece of joke in front of other students, that joke for which he is not responsible, that humiliation for which he has no role to play. Is this what you call enjoyment? In the end the school and the authorities will put this matter close,  by just saying that children  were innocent, and it was just a normal thing. But that normal thing cost the promising life of a helpless boy whose mother must have been waiting to feed him his favorite lunch  or his father must be thinking of taking him for his games in the evening. But it all ended just because of  a normal bully. Damn!


He is fat so he should be a topic of joke ! She is not good in looks so we can laugh at her! Her parents are from the lower middle class EWS and are not as rich ! He is not so fair so we can  call him by something insulting name ! Is such leg pulling funny and cool ? Can we say its normal .But have we ever realized that our bullying can tear his soul apart. Somewhere in the corner of his hear where no one can see,  he must be begging to god – why has god made him so ? He must have been pleading to god that it would have been better to not take birth rather than to become a tool for  someone’s entertainment.

If someone could have realized that girl that she is still beautiful if she has those thick spectacles on her eyes she could have lived the life in a more lively way. If we could have told our friend who has braces on his teeth that his smile is still very beautiful then things could have different. If we could have respected our friends for whatever they are, howsoever they look  then some people could have never thought of taking suicide somewhere in their life just because of being bullied.

bullying (1)

Nobody understands how hard he tried to overcome that humiliation. Nobody understood that tried but he could not get out of it fully. From outside he was living a normal life but inside those scars were still live. He was never able to tell his parents whenever he needed support whatever be the reasons. That faceless girl stops looking herself in the mirror because in the school her classmates tell her that she can never look beautiful- or maybe fair? . One  so called “ funny act” that has created a  huge wound in her mind. A wound that will never be  healed and  that has made the student accept that she or he is a loser – Not worthy of life, because of consistent bullying- though  however talented they might have been.

According to scientific studies teen age students who have been bullied have become more  aggressive in behavior. They tend to suffer from depression and often have suicidal thoughts. Even it has been found that nearly one third of the cause of depression is bullying .so we can guess the severity of bullying and its life time impact. Even students who become prey of bulling start thinking of skipping school. Yes bullying can be pretty stressful and traumatic. Also according to American research bullying whether it is face to face to or online bullying,can severely affect teens. It can lead to fatal consequences such as being cut off from society and having a bout of depressions.


So it’s high time that policymakers should make strict laws to curb bullying and schools should strictly follow it. Actually the school can play the most important role in curbing bullying as it starts from school. Students spend major time in schools so they suffer more in schools due to bully though colleges are not far behind.Despite being grown up, people who have the  habit of bullying others – just bully, because they think they are superior to others.

Parents too should check their child’s behavior, mood changes, aggression, frequent avoiding the social gathering and many others suspicious behavior. They should neither encourage bullying nor ignore if their wards are being bullied.


In the end people who are getting bullied should stand and fight back. They should realize that it’s not at all their fault, but you have to find solutions to the problem yourself.  Be proud of what you are. Remember there are good people in this world . It is just that you have to identify and replace them with bad people, you currently surround yourself with you – who bully you.

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