World Heart Day : What the Specialists Say

Today is the world hearts day. Woman’s Era spoke to leading cardiologists across the city to bring to our readers their insights

Subhash Kumar Sinha Cardiologist Batra Hospital

World Heart Day is a time to reflect on and take a pledge to keep your heart healthy.It is not only to celebrate a day but to make it a regular habit. It is also important that we have to see the children born if they have any birth defects.These can be in any form like a hole in the heart , blue babies , or children having repeated respiratory infections,;all these kids should be screened for heart defects.

Dr SK SInha-OptimizedIn early childhood sore throat with fever,joint pains which move from one joint to the other–all symptoms of rheumatic fever,should be properly treated to prevent heart disease which is so common in India.Still if one develops Rheumatic heart disease affecting valves may require surgery to replace the valve.Various types of valves are available for surgery and it can be done through very small incisions,which is safe and recovery is fast.

All adults should be very careful to keep their heart healthy.Few tips to keep it that way areMake exercise a habit,Walk or run 4-5 km a day at least 5 times a week.Avoid lifts take stairs.Walk to the  near shops ,to buy groceries or vegetables.

Eat healthy,have fruits and vegetables in abundance.Eat lean meat and fish, avoid mutton.Eggs are good take one a day, if want more take only egg white.Nuts are good.Pulses are a must for vegetarians.Avoid too much sweets.Take fats in moderate quantity.

No smoking.Tobacco in any form is bad for health.If you are a diabetic keep a good control of your blood sugar.Control high blood pressure cut down salt,increase medicines if necessary but keep it low.De stress. All  jobs have tensions take it in your own stride,cope with it.Nobody is perfect so learn to accept people as they are.Do not take failures to heart.After every night there is a bright morning.Keep your ethics intact,it helps to keep a balanced mind.What is destined for you ,you will get but work hard for it.

Dr. Nabajit Talukdar Cardiologist Vedanta Med City Hospital

Candiovascular diseases have become the scourge of modern days. The “ Global burden of disease study” – estimates age standardised  Cardiavascular (CVD) death rate at 272 /lac population in india versus Global Estimates of 235/ lac.More then 40% of the same proportionally constitutes women.

Dr Nabajit-OptimizedAs many as 3 out of 5 women in India are at high risk of CVD. As many as 74% of women at high risk of CVD have increased belly fat and broad waist line.Since inception at 2000 – World Heart Day is celebrated every year on 29th September and Every year there is a special theme. This year’s the me is “Heart Healthy Environment”.

With increasing women participation in work place and increasing urbanization, it becomes imperative that healthy environment or condition prevail in the same.Work places need to be secure, stress free, with adequate periods if rest, with availability and utilisation of healthy diet. Special smoke free zones, availability of nursing care rooms are also needed. Care must be taken to avoid transfats and high carbohydrate diet. Adequate protein intake and nutritious diet to combat anaemia (much prevalent in out country) is needed. There should be promotion of avoiding physical inactivity and  of exercises. Smoking cessation and moderation of alcohol intake are also imperative.

To have a resurgent India, our moms, Wives, Sisters, Daughters and friends needs to be healthy and f be ree from disease. Truly we  need a healthy heart friendly environment both at home and work places. To prevent and to contain morbidily – prompt and timely medical attention are to be sought.


Dr L.K. Jha, Cardiologist,  Sarvodaya Hospital Faridabad

Each year 17.3 million people die of cardiovascular disease out of which 80% occur in developing world. Globally cardiovascular disease accounts for 31 percent of all death ,most of these deaths occur in low to middle income group.

Dr LK Jha crp square-OptimizedIn india cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of mortality ,accounting for almost 25% of total death. Ischemic heart disease and stroke accounts for 80% of all cardiovascular deaths.

In india cardiovascular death rate average is 272 per  lac population which is much higher then global average of 235 per lac. We Indian are more predisposed to cardiovascular diasease because of genetic predisposition and lower coronary diameter as compared to western population.

This increase incidence has been attributed to change in diet from agrarian to fast foods and change in life style, smoking/tobacco use.

In recent times it has also been seen to strike younger population, reason for which ranges from smoking habits to stressful working and lifestyle to family history of premature coronary heart disease. It affects them financially Since it involves treatment cost plus loss of working days.

As the disease burden has increased , treatment options have also increased. From initial available option of Bypass surgery only we have now moved to Percutaneous intervention (Angioplasty). Initially the only treatment available for heart attack patient was rest and sedation , we have moved to Primary angioplasty. Angioplasty has also evolved over the years form only Balloon angioplasty to bare metal stents , now we have fourth generation drug eluting stents.

Recently there is new addition to stent armamentarium, Bioresorbable vascular scaffold(BVS), which disappears from body in 2-3 years.There have been various other additions like Left ventricular Assist device, Intra vascular ultrasound, Fractional flow reserve etc.

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