Horrifying But A Must Read: A girl stalked and attacked by 2 men while driving back home!

A young Chandigarh woman recently witnessed the nightmare of her life when two men in an SUV started following her while she was driving back to home. Varnika Kundu, a Chandigarh-based DJ was stalked, attacked and incessantly bullied by those men.

As soon as the girl saw them following her in an SUV, she tried turning to a crowded and comparatively safe road, but the men tried to cut her off. On her another attempt, they completely blocked her way and one guy stepped down and tried to open the doors of her car.

“My hands shaking, my back spasming from fear, half in tears, half bewildered, because I didn’t know if I’d make it home tonight,” she wrote in a Facebook post.

WAS ALMOST KIDNAPPED ON A CHANDIGARH ROAD LAST NIGHT.That being said, I'd like to take a moment to commend and thank…

Posted by Varnika Kundu on Saturday, August 5, 2017

Petrified with what was happening with her, the brave girl kept moving with sheer spirit. Refusing to give up, Varnika kept calm and made a clever move by making a call to police. “I used this time to also call the cops at 100, and explain to them the situation and my exact location and where I was headed. The cop who answered my call, intuitively sensed the urgency in my voice, and promised me that help would be along very soon”

Varnika, who happens to be the daughter of Additional Chief Secretary with the Government of Haryana also pointed out the unfortunate truth that had she been daughter of a common man, she wouldn’t have received a swift response from police. But she was all grateful and praises for Chandigarh police.

“If this can happen in Chd, it can happen anywhere.

LADIES! Please be proactive about your own safety;


DON’T BE AFRAID to call the cops, The minute it starts!

Call your parents, if possible, and let them know where you are and the situation you’re in.

Try and run away, in the safest way possible.

YOUR LIFE IS PARAMOUNT! If he walks towards you, use whatever you can as a weapon.

I was never a big fan of weapons, till last night.

Whether it’s a gun or mace or taser or a golf club or a knife,

it’s going to make you feel safer and more confident.


The very fact that Varnika didn’t lose her calm and faced the nightmarish situation with grit is lesson for every girl because this can happen with any girl! By any chance, if you find yourself stuck in such a horrific situation, don’t panic but try making a call to police or family.

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