Sheheroes: A café run by acid attack survivors

What do people usually expect out from an acid attack survivor? To remain confined in the four walls of their homes and stay there till the day they die? We are thankful to women like Rupa and Ritu for rubbishing this and taking a strong take for women, who had lost much.

i-made-portraits-of-acid-attacks-survivors-in-india-6__880Sheroes is a café located near the Taj Mahal, Agra. Run by 5 acid attack survivors, this café is a bold answer to all those who thought that women are the weak and don’t have the power to hit back. These women have proved that they never lost the battle and are still competing in this war against the society. Instead of hiding their harsh reality by sitting back at home, they have come forward to speak their heart out loud. They have said it through their actions that they wish to lead a normal life like everyone and work for their living.

Their café is supported through an NGO called Chaanv Foundation and supporters of the Stop Acid Attack network. One of the victims, Rupa was attacked by her step mother at the age of 15. Because of the acid, her skin got melted and she also got a disfigured lip. However, she never stopped following her dreams. She also runs a boutique which is a part of the café.


Our hearts break as we write that some people are so unkind that they didn’t even come forward with a helping hand to Ritu, who is another victim. She became an acid attack victim when she was just 17 years old. Ritu lost her left eye and the acid melted her nose, cheeks and neck. However, we are happy that she stood up alone and has become strong with time.

The café has been aptly named, “Sheroes”. All these women are an inspiration for us and are heroes in true spirit. We salute them for their bravery, courage and the will to never give up.

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