From Showbiz to humanitarian, PeeCee bonds with African children

When I look at Priyanka Chopra I see a strong, self- made, and resilient individual who is beautiful inside out. She exhibits solid individualistic character. She is driven, ambitious, and always on the go.

She has always actively supported the cause of girls’ equality, education and well- being in India and also set up Priyanka Chopra foundation for health and education where she donates 10 percent of her income every year. Priyanka’s collaboration with UNICEF started in 2008 and she went on to become its national ambassador in India in 2010 for promoting child rights. In December 2016 Priyanka was named the UNICEF goodwill ambassador in New York, for her extensive humanitarian work for child rights and a decade-long association with UNICEF and was conferred the title by fellow UNICEF goodwill ambassador David Beckham. Currently, Priyanka is on a visit to South Africa to promote UNICEF’s initiative ‘End violence against children’ as its goodwill ambassador where she will attend UNICEF’s gala fundraising event to raise awareness about violence against children on May 6. Such is her unwavering commitment to child rights that immediately after attending MET Gala in New York City on 1st may, PC flew to Harare, the capital city of Zimbabwe to raise awareness against the child violence rampant here, where a child dies every five minutes as a result of violence and a million others live in a constant fear of physical, emotional, and sexual violence. Zimbabwe suffers from high levels of poverty and inequality. Forty-eight percent of Zimbabwe’s population comprises children till the age of 18. These adolescents are entering adulthood with limited livelihood opportunities, poverty, and violence, especially in rural areas.

Priyanka posted a series of pictures and stories on her Instagram account giving the world a peek into the lives of the poor children and people of Zimbabwe.

“It’s the end of a long day of travel from NYC to Harare but I’m not tired…. In fact, I’m energized, waiting for dawn to break so I can set out on the journey of discovery that these amazing women and men have laid out for me. Meet Team @ UNICEF. Their passion and compassion is contagious and their hard work and dedication evident in everything I have just seen and heard in our meeting. We are here in Harare Zimbabwe on a field visit in the first part of my trip to Africa as part of our efforts to #EndViolence against Children. I’m looking forward to tomorrow and the opportunity to meet the courageous young survivors, their amazing caregivers and the teams that wake up every day and try to make the world a better place… one child at a time. I want to take you all on this journey with me, real time, and I hope you will join me here on these pages to bring awareness to some very important issues. Like, share, comment… do something. This is so very close to my heart, and know that every action (big or small) counts. #ThisTimeForAfrica #PeaCeLoveHope #foreverychild”

“We cannot keep ignoring what is happening to our children around the world. My experience in Zimbabwe is a huge example of how the world is so desensitized to the plight of women and children. Mindsets need to change. It is not her fault!! She is not a commodity. Protect our children…they are the Future. @unicef #EndViolence”

“Amazing women who are champions of change.. they are a peer group that empowers boys and girls of their age to cope with social and economic pressures that lead to violence, unwanted pregnancies, and child marriages. This club is adolescent-led, adolescent-driven and adult mentored. So inspiring to see these girls taking charge of their lives and their communities. Thank you..  for including me”

By the display of a very sweet gesture, Priyanka bonded with the local young girls of Zimbabwe by bringing them ‘bindis’ from India.

“I love this picture.We don’t speak the same language but we all seem to love bindis. Took some for the kids from India and they seemed to love them!! So much concentration! Ended up on noses too. not just foreheads. #unicef #EndViolence #bindibonding #thistimeforafrica”.

“Throwback to where it all began 10 years ago. My relationship with @unicefindia that lead to me being the global ambassador for #UNICEF.This was a picture from the Deepshikha program that started in India with me and UNICEF years ago about teaching adolescent Indian girls to deal with child marriage, teenage problems and stigma. Thank u #UNICEF for so many years of field work around the world. For inspiring me to use my platform as a public person to bring light to the plight of girls and children around the world. Each child matters. All over the world.  We can all make a difference. Donate your time. And the resources you may want to donate. Touch the children of the world with compassion. The world is ours and the children of the world are our future. Miss u Geetanjali master @natashapal @mrinster. You were the beginning of my journey.”




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