Turning on the Audience at Woman’s Era Car Rally

The Woman’s Era Car rally has been anchored by Ace Anchor Vandana Vadehera who has been flying down from Mumbai for the past 15 years to host the event. Woman’s Era spoke to Vandana Vadhera after the event. Vandana says that a stage show or TV show needs to connect with audience and as an anchor it is her job to turn the audience on


Woman’s Era: It has been 15 years that you have been anchoring the Woman’s Era Family Car Rally. You have told our readers everything about the race, sponsors, the participants, the prizes and the organisers. Now tell us something about yourself.

Vandana Vadhera : Since childhood I was on the stage, because my mother was teacher of English language and literature besides being a linguist. I was always involved in stage shows at the school and at the Army Wives Welfare Association (AWWA) functions that happened around our home. My mother was a perfectionist and she made sure that my annunciation, my pronunciation, my vocabulary, my diction and my modulation was perfect. She made me read Shakespeare and other plays regularly at the age of eight. While she cooked in the kitchen, I would have to read poetry and plays loudly in the front of the mirror, getting my pronunciation, diction, expression, and modulation right.

WE : What gives you such confidence and stage presence?

VV : I guess that comes from the Army background. Not only me but my mother was also having an Army background as her father happened to be a General. So I was never a recluse but always a natural extrovert. My abilities to perform got a boost because of the exposure and opportunity that I got. Born in Lucknow, I went to the convent and took to performing at school functions at a very early stage. The nuns taught me all. I took part in stage plays and musicals like the Sound of Music, Emperor and the Nightingale, the King and I and My Fair Lady. I did small parts in plays, took part in poetry recitals right from the age of three.

IMG_6460-OptimizedWE : When did you do your first solo performance.

VV : I was in class seven at that time. My mother happened to be in charge of the announcements and the hosting at the school events. So I used to have to sit back with my mother after classes as she coached and trained the students who would announce at the school functions. Once at the Army Public School a class eleventh student was supposed to anchor the Sports Day show. Like always I stayed back with mother and picked up the lines to parrot the nuances and have fun in my own way. It so happened that the selected student fell ill just two days before the Sports Day and my mother ordered me to step in to her shoes, because there was no alternative. The show went of so well, and I was able to cover up the inevitable gaps in programming with impromptu conversations, that every one after the event came to ask who this anchor was.

IMG_6479-OptimizedWE : How did you acquire the sense of humour?

VV : I got my holistic grooming from my mother but my sense of humour from my father. He had a great sense of humour. At a party at our home a few years ago, a neighbour after a few pegs started searching for her dupatta. She had apparently left it at home. My 70 year old father like a teenager came up with this impromptu Sher that had us all in splits. “Jinse Khud Ka Anchal na samhala Gaya, so khak Hamare Dil Ko Samhalenge.” Humour is essential in stage shows and you don’t have to Google for jokes but have to create it on the spot.

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