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benefits and loss of thin people


Or is it? By Vijai Pant Cassius has a lean and hungry look, commented my class mate about me. He was dressed in the regal robes of royalty while essaying the role of the protagonist in Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar. It was felt by the directo…


Enhance Your Immune System

Designed to defend us.  By Suman Bajpai Why there is always some lucky soul who doesn’t get sick when the viral is spreading like a fume or when chicken-pox is sending all the kids home from school, are there a few who remain untouched? Why…


Colour Palette of Fruits & Veggies

For a healthy you. By Kalpana M Naghnoor Red: that rich life-giver The colour red is so enticing. Even children find it interesting. Pomegranates, plums, tomatoes, beetroot, cherries are all rich in beta carotene. Raspberries and cranberrie…


Healthy Eating

Balance is the key. By Suman Bajpai No mummy, I don’t want to eat this dal roti, I want something more interesting and tasty like pizza or burger. Instead of preparing sprouts, why don’t you prepare some sandwiches for my breakfast?” These …


Removal of uterus is often unnecessary

Here’s why. By Dr C.B. Singh When hysterectomy is not necessary Second only to caesarean, hysterectomy is a surprisingly common procedure among women in which their uterus is removed for conditions other than cancer but 90 per cent are not …


So You Can Study Love In A University Now!

Have you ever thought of studying love? Wondered if ever universities give a degree on attaining expertise in love? That sounds too fanatical? Relax it is a reality now! New York University offers an undergraduate course on love. The course…


How to make purple veins disappear from under your skin

Do you have veins popping out under your transparent skin? No, not literally popping out but are they extremely visible and look like purple tree branches on your smooth skin? Many of us have this problem and the reason this is a problem is…


Signs that you are lacking vitamin c

Vitamin c is present in almost everything that we eat, yet due to poor eating habits we might develop vitamin c deficiency. The most common signs are there on your skin and hair. It causes: It causes Scurvy which leads to the formation of l…


What your eye colour tells about you?

Eyes are said to be gateways to our soul. People try to hide their true selves by adhering to false demeanors but eyes never refrain from showing the true reflection of your soul. Here are some common attributes associated with different ey…


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