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Why not Indulge in a Japanese Bath at home?

Good, clean fun. By Sukritee Soopal For Japanese people, bathing is not only about cleaning the body but it is a whole ritual of cleansing the body, mind, heart and soul. It is a favorite pastime to relax and rejuvenate and a cultural asset…


India, the third most fat country!

The proportion of Obesity in India has reached at a mass level in last two decades, it has become world’s third most obese country with more than 5% of the Indian population suffering from obesity and overweight issues. As a result of…


Yoga Asanas for Hair Growth: 3 best Effective Poses

Doing yoga and meditation to break your hair fall cycle won’t just give you sound hair, additionally advantage your entire framework. It can enhance your mental health as well. Yoga will help upgrade course of blood in the scalp, enha…


5 ways to keep Women’s Life Healthy

Women’s health concerns are little different from those of men. If you are a fitness freak then you should surely try this to feel fit and energetic.  Eat a healthy diet: Have variety of fresh fruits and veggies and fewer  processed foods. …


Follow these celebrity diets to cut those extra kilos

Won’t it be a dream come true if you could also have the body like that of your favourite celebs? Ohh how you wish you could have that amazing figure. While some celebs follow a strict diet to attain the unattainable body, others just join …


Wanna beat stress??? The answer is within you!

Where there is work there is stress and we live in a world that revolves around our hunger to thrive and make ourselves stable i.e. we live in a world dominated by our work. Even if the work that we do is something that we desire, yet, dead…


Discover Dooars – Experience the un-trapped wild

The prospect of putting up at a quiet cottage nestled amidst rambling verdant tea gardens in the heart of the wild, with a fairly good chance to encounter the Great Indian one horned Rhinoceros, Indian Bison, Indian Elephant and dozens of s…


The Ergonomics of Office Furniture

Comfort come ups first for all. We are never able to harvest the benefits of a work done in uncomfortable. Inflection and tiredness at workplace are indispensable. However, they can be trimmed down by using the proper furniture that is made…


Smile, it’s free therapy’!

My day did not start off well this morning. First thing  in the morning, my alarm clock did not go off which resulted in a series of delays ;  Added to that  I am late dropping  my son  at school as another driver decides to roll into me. M…


GOODVICE: Fitness Made Easy

How often we have heard our elders saying that ‘health is wealth’,yet  only a few of us have actually realized the importance of physical fitness . Good health does not only mean to have a body free from diseases but means complete mental, …


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