This bride broke all the stereotypes and wore shorts at her wedding

Every girl wants her  wedding day to be a memorable one. It is like a fairytale dream day for her, when she is dressed up like a princess along with her prince charming. Which girl doesn’t dream of her wedding attire? It is her day completely. But in this scenario of breaking all the stereotypes and making your own rules, people are going way beyond the boundaries.

It is not for the first time that any bride is doing something different on her wedding. Earlier a video of a bride dancing in shorts went viral and recently pictures of a bride wearing shorts instead of lehenga came up. Having done perfect bridal makeup, hairdo, jewelry, she opted for shorts instead of lehenga. Young India is ditching the clichés and doing things that we would never have imagined.

While some people are loving how she made her wedding look a memorable one, others are trolling her over Twitter. Indian society, not so accepting at times!

Well, women are breaking all the stereotypes and moving ahead of their times. Like it or not, it is there life after all. What do you think? Do we need more woman like these? Agree? Let us know in the comments section below.

To more women power!

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