Even Kareena, Sonakshi, Preity, Mona and Riya were not spared from the mms scandals

You may have seen these obscene pictures some time recently. They are on sale outside railway stations and on highway shacks around Mumbai. They are sold as unequivocal recordings of our Bollywood stars and guarantee a look into the private existences of our on-screen actresses. These pictures regularly stand out as truly newsworthy, be it the alleged  video of Preity Zinta taking a shower  the claimed video of Sonakshi Sinha getting close with a man.

These pictures are sprinkled on the internet and sent by alleged fans to each other and our bollywood actresses  deny that their face has been photoshopped in these vulgar videos nad they are not the ones shown in the video.

No one is safe in today’s world, not even the celebrities, anyone with a smart phone can edit someone’s face onto the pictures of naked body by using some softwares, which can easily be found online.

This perversion has become a business and our actresses are simply victims of this immoral system.

Here are the actresses who have battled these demons:

coverKareena Kapoor

A leaked MMS of Shahid Kapoor and Kareena Kapoor started doing the rounds in 2004. The duo grabbed headlines and both the actors have since contested the accuracy of the clip.

Preity Zinta

A clip leaked online in which Preity Zinta is taking a shower. Preity Zinta denied that it was not her in the video it was somebody else and it was soon revealed that it was actually a Preity Zinta lookalike.

Mallika Sherawat

In 2005, Mallika Sherawat filed a police complaint to probe into an MMS featuring a lookalike of the actress engaged in a sexual act. Later it was found that the lady was Mexican porn star Lolly in the clip.

Riya Sen

A steamy video of Riya, shot by her then boyfriend Ashmit Patel was leaked on the internet in 2005. While the actors initially denied that it was them in the video, they eventually said that the MMS was genuine.

Sonakshi Sinha

A video clip, which was passed off as an MMS of Sonakshi getting intimate with a man was leaked in 2014. Sonakshi maintained her silence on the topic and soon after it was revealed that it was a lookalike after all.

Mona Singh

When a video featuring Mona Singh, walking around naked in the house got leaked online, everyone went berserk! The TV actress announced that it was not her in the video.


Radhika Apte

Twitter was afire when Radhika’s lookalike posted some intimate bathroom selfies online. Radhika retaliated with a tweet saying, “You guys! If you are going to get someone to pass off as naked me, she needs to look a lot more like me.”

Tough times! It’s not easy to look behind the shoulder constantly.

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