3 things a guy wants from you in relationship

When in a relationship, both the partners expect things from each other. However, there are times when they don’t understand what the other one is expecting. Especially the guys, they keep most of the things to themselves and don’t share everything. Guys too wish for things secretly from their partner. Here are 3 things that every guy wants from their girl:

Young man pretending to be a super hero when piggybacking his girlfriend


Like girls, guys also like to be appreciated. They like it when you tell them they look good or smell nice. When in a relationship, guys also expect their partner to appreciate them every now and then.


Every person goes through a rough patch and it is that time when the person looks forward to their partner. Guys expect their partner to stand in support with them always. Be the situation ideal or not, they need their girl just next to them.


Guys want their partners to shower them with physical affection. A little cuddle, some soft kisses and warm hugs never go wrong when he looks at you with those puppy eyes. Tell him that you want him, there is nothing better than that!