5 signs ‘It’s Time to Make Your Relationship Public’

Shall we make our relationship public? This question keeps on popping in the minds of lovers these days. The everlasting confusion even results in petty fights which affect the relationship between the two. There is always a right time for everything, make sure it is before letting this secret out!

  • It is no more a secret for all your friends!

Friends cannot just resist from peeping into your life, moreover it is really difficult to hide anything from your friends especially when it comes to your love life. There is surely a friend that plays the cupid for the two. Eventually this hot news gets public and so will your relationship.


  • You sleep together!

The only time you start to sleep together is when you are extremely comfortable with each other and are confident for each other. If these two things have already happened, what are you waiting for?

It actually takes a lot of time to actually accept each other’s flaws and feel safe and secure in this relationship then without a second thought be open about your relationship and talk about it.

  • You are BEST FRIENDS too!

Not just a typical girlfriend boyfriend but being best friends with each other is turning point in your relationship. This is the time when all the goodness of a relation will fall into your hands and things will become far easier than you ever thought. Talking and sharing everything, from you insecurities to the bliss of the relationship will make you proud of this alliance and none of you two will fear this relationship getting public. This benefit of being best friends too will make you give each other space and be comfortable in public which will avoid all the panic and problems you think you will face once this relation gets public.  Even if you come across problems by getting public your boyfriend-best friend or girlfriend-best friend will handle it with maturity instead of getting hyper!

  1. You and I has turned into ‘Us’

This is one of the best feelings of the world when your partner considers you and him/her to be US! It is pretty normal to be ‘us’ in the good times but it is equally strenuous to be ‘us’ when it comes to facing the hardships of a relationship and especially hosting and making decisions together. If you and your partner stick to each other at all times then definitely it is time to this blessing like relationship public!

  1. Other Proposals don’t matter

There are times when another person ‘wants to talk to you’! If these proposals and offers from your college friends, colleagues or any other don’t matter to you anymore then it is a sign that you are 100% into your current relationship and are least distracted or attracted to any other person. How else do you expect from relationship to be pure? This beginning of your trust and love will make you assured enough to make your relation public!


Few minutes of thinking about your relationship will give you all your answers!

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