5 Things you should check before a live in relationship



Living together can be fun if you know what comes all comes along with it. Many go for live in relationships picturing it as a fairy tale. Although it seems one, you should keep in mind some points before moving in together.


  1. Give a check to your financial condition

Decide who will stay at whose place, you in his place or he in yours or a new place. If you are going to live together know how the budget is going to be  settled. This will help prevent future bickering over money.

  1. Define to each other your personal space

Many live ins fail as couples ‘suffocate’ each other. You should define your personal space/ ‘me time’ to each other. Now her friends and your friends will be coming over. So before moving in, plan an outing with each other friends. This will not only help knowing each other but also help you from feeling awkward with her friends around.

  1. Learn to enjoy each other’s company

All your weekends should not necessarily be a day at club or expensive restaurants. Just talking while watching movie, buying groceries seem cute and romantic once you enjoy each other’s company. Learn that what matters is quality time not quantity time.

  1. It is not all about sex

You should know that living together is not all about getting physical. It is essential that you explore each other at emotional and psychological level. You can also go for trial period before actually moving in together. This will help you to know what’s all coming.

  1. Don’t bicker over small issues

Whenever in a fight think it over. What was the reason you decided to stay together. Is the issue you are fighting over greater than the reason of relationship? Confront your partner about issues causing discomfort. A happy relationship is all about understanding each other.




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