6 Ways to make your crush like you

It’s common to have a crush. It’s a tendency of people to check out on other guys and girls. Everyone has different preferences of attraction. No two people are alike. We need to find the one we like and then know him/her better. Never be in a hurry. It takes time but knowing a person is very much important because you can’t judge someone by their looks. Here are some steps to make your crush feel the same as you do:

1-Confess what you feel:

Taking the initiatives from your side is never wrong. Tell your crush that you like them because they are not the mind readers that they will get what’s going in your head. Never hesitate to pen down your feelings. You never know what reply you might get. Maybe the person you like likes you too but was too shy to tell you.

2-Talk to your crush and know what common ground you both possess:



Talking to your crush is quite beneficial. You get to know each other better. You may find things that are common among both and things that you can do together. This can be quite helpful because people easily get attracted to other sharing same interests. They love to talk and spend time with people that have common interests.

3-Be yourself:

People who fake themselves are usually ignored. It is very much important to show what you are instead of faking things out. One of the most attractive qualities that person look for is that how genuine and down to earth the other person is.

4-Compliment them and make them feel special:

Making your crush smile is something out of the box. Make efforts from your side. Try to compliment them on their looks, dressing, etc. This can help you make their day because everyone loves to hear good things about themselves.

5-Be honest:

Never lie to your crush because there are many chances that they always end up knowing the truth and this can destroy everything you tried to. This can even end your friendship on a very bad note. Try to share things with your crush and make them feel wanted.

6-Look good:

Offcourse no one will like you if you look like that you have just rolled out of your bed. Remember, first impression is always the last impression. People notice how you look, what you wear, etc. All these little things matter.

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