7 Super Sassy Characteristics of Librans!

For anyone who knows any Libra or has dated one, would agree, Librans are bang on people you need in life. From being super high on emotions to being true entertainers, they allure almost every damn person with their charisma. And here we enlist the characteristics of Librans which set them aside as class apart.


Hopeless Romantics: No one can ever be as romantic as Librans! They are absolute pros at stealing little moments to make them memorable ones. They will surprise you with a red rose on the most unexpected days and make your special days extraordinarily memorable. Date a Libran if you always wished for someone like a Bollywood romantic character, they definitely make their partners feel very special.

Overly Impatient: The word patient can never exist in Libran’s dictionary. For them, everything needs to be done not even as soon as possible, but, IMMEDIATELY.

ranbir-tamasha-story_647_121015052855Creativity Runs In Their Blood: Remember any the Libran you know and you will soon realise, they are so creative with their words, thoughts, actions, dress sense and almost everything.

High On Emotions: They pour out their hearts for the people they love and are super sensitive with feelings. They observe even the tiniest things and get affected with every action of the people around them. It won’t be strange to see a Libran shed tears during a happy moment, for they feel things so deeply. And yeah, not to forget, trouble a Libran once and the subsequent sequence of emotional drama will be no less than that of a Ekta Kapoor’s serial. 😛

– Extremists: Nope, they can never be mediocre. If they want to do a task, they will put in their heart and soul for it. But if they don’t wanna do, no son of a god can force them to do so. They never in their life do half-hearted things. And it goes with every aspect of their life; from studies, relationships to career.

– Absolute Loyalists: Unlike majority of your friends, a Libra friend will always be by your side and won’t ever conspire anything against you ever. They are the most loyal friends one can ever have. You won’t have to ever worry about being deceived by him. They might sound too blunt on your face, but they never talk shit behind your back.

They Steal All The Limelight: The worst part is their best characteristic. So yeah, with all these super sexy traits, they spell-bind people in their magical charisma and steal the entire attention from you.

But Librans Are Love Forever! <3

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