How To Loose Sexual Inhibitions

Feeling Sexy –Nothing Wrong with It. Ok we are Indian, a land where sex is taboo. But days are changing – what’s so wrong in being sexy? And if you can be sexy and feminine in the same go, then may be you can actually express your inner feelings with self-confidence. Most women can remember an instance of making love in the dark, wearing a full gown to bed, or otherwise turning sex into an exercise in camouflage. Have you ever envied all those women who could carry off the daringly cut dresses with such élan and style? Or maybe, a teeny-weeny part of you would like to whisk away your husband for a romantic date? Start expressing your sexuality and yourself more often, and you will find the difference.

Nothing wrong in feeling sexy and looking sexy

Find out what turns you on and use it not just to get yourself in mood to make love, but just in any kind of move. Go ahead and invest in that sexy lingerie and you can enjoy wearing it when you are alone or with your partner. Try to be in the buff at times and enjoy yourself. Try to be spend a day with your partner without your underwear, to give him an occasional surprise. Go for a full body massage and feel the difference. The sensual bliss of the five different senses can lead to some fantastic feelings.

Feel sexy 4-OptimizedWomen punish themselves for the disgust they imagine that their partners feel for their bodies, which is largely imaginary. Rather the men in their lives are more turned off by their sexual inhibitions. In general, men’s sexuality is not negatively affected if a woman has a little bit of a pot belly, or thick thighs. Big boobs and big bums are a turn on for Indian men who are not too keen on size zero. Most men say their biggest turn-on is a woman’s slow and reticent responsiveness in bed, not a particular body part. How can women get beyond physical insecurity to enjoy sex? Here are some tips to help women learn to love their bodies and feel as sexy as they want to:

Explore your sensual side:

 Sexy is not necessary having it all hang out for him every time. You have to be innovative and new in your approach each day. It could be hide or seek or play difficult or play raunchy but it must be new and unexpected each day.  It could be subtle scent of perfume that sets your adrenaline soaring, or just the soft music in the dim light. Your perfume should be soft and alluring, nothing that is too strong scented will attract a man because it will remind them of their cologne and will be a turnoff. Only if you find a rare strong and different whiff of perfume go for the kill, but do it rarely to make it unique for an occasion. On other occasions the perfume must be mild. Make sure you put some on your wrists and behind your ears but not too much. Then when you rub your hands across his back or arm, your perfume scent will stay with him for the rest of the day.

Make the first move:  

Feel sexy 2-OptimizedYou have always waited. You have always been taken. You have been turning and tossing on the other side of the bed, wishing he would reach out for you. Instead of waiting for him, take the initiative yourself. The next time you are alone together, go close to him, and actually tell him what is on your mind. All men get turned on by being wanted by their women. Maybe he will enjoy the passive role sometimes. At times dirty talk is arousing too but you must never be predictable. You must be like a lioness on the move. If you are hungry you will go for the kill, but if you are not you will take it really easy.

Be kind to your body: 

Replace your negative thoughts about your body with compliments. Every time you think, ‘My thighs are too fat,’ replace it with a thought like, ‘I have beautiful hips.’ At first it might feel forced, so you’ll need to keep at it until it becomes second nature. Reinvent yourself. Look at yourself differently. It’s not just a matter of going bare and dare. It’s a matter of seeing yourself as a woman in totality. See yourself as a passionate person, with immense potential in the romance segment.

Think sexy feel sexy:

Fantasising is the key. If you can have fantasies about yourself as a healthy woman with sexual desires and feelings, then you can certainly begin to take the first step in expressing your sexuality. But sexiness isn’t just a look; it’s a state of mind, too. In other words, if you don’t think you’re sexy, it’s not likely that anyone else will. So to get yourself feeling you’re sexiest. And a woman’s newfound comfort with her body will fire up her and her partner’s sex life in potentially delightful ways! Do it on through mobile sexting if you are too shy. Share your secret romantic fantasy with your partner and then ask him to tell you his. Find a partner by just flirting with people you like. Then make plans to play your fantasies out. Just the anticipation will add to your romance, and the gift of giving each other what you desire will be something that you will never forget.

Ask for compliments: 

Couple holding drinks at bar, smiling, close-up

Ask your partner or date what he loves about your body. Ask him to be very specific and to repeat it to you often. Write down his comments. Read them every day until you believe in them. Keep the lights on. During your lovemaking, observe the beauty of your own body without self-loathing. Try to let go to bring your passion to the surface.

Bring out the positive:

 If  you haven’t figured out by now what your most beautiful, seductive parts are, it’s time you did, and started showing them off, too. Every woman has her own sensitive zone. It could be your back, or the nape. Experiment and see for yourself, what you enjoy the most. Make sure your style highlights it…whatever the ‘it’ may be.


Don’t restrict yourself in bed, experiment freely with your partner. If your partner suggests something you’ve never heard or dreamt off before, don’t shoot down the idea harshly, it may stop him or her from giving any future suggestions. Explore each other with a touch and feel of excitement. It keeps the magic alive and the relationship ticking for years together.

The main thing a man likes is a confident, secure woman who is self-assured but not self-absorbed. They like a woman that is confident but still acts like a demure, soft, and ssensual lady.

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