How To Know Your Man Well?

Are you out dating a social media butterfly? If yes, you better know you both are like one of those couple, sitting silently together on couch watching TV. And when you take a moment to peek at your social media feeds, you find your partner has been sharing much personal thoughts there than he has ever done with you.

It’s not a surprise; men remain more tight-lipped than women about their thoughts and feelings. But they don’t hesitate in revealing much about themselves on social media. Whether it is good or bad is a different debate but women can surely turn to social media to find answers to many of their queries.


Recent data from Pew Research Center suggests that social media is making its way into relationships more than ever, with 74% of couples surveyed saying the Internet has impacted their relationship in a good way. Women are more likely than men to use social media, with 71% of women participating compared with 62% of men, according to the latest report from Women’s Media Center. However, what psychologists and researchers find especially interesting is that, while women are equally willing to share the thoughts face to face, men are much less likely to do the same.

Eva Buechel, a PhD candidate at the University of Miami who has studied why people share content online, has found that men and women who experience social anxiety, and therefore have a greater need to express their negative emotions and seek support, are equally likely to maintain a blog or social media account.

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