Spending quality time in relationships

I and boyfriend are in a long distance relationship. We hardly get time to spend with each other. How can we spend time with each other?


Long distance relationships are difficult to work. But when they do, they are the most ever

lasting relationships. Couples in long distance relationships meet less but when they do its very

essential that they spend quality time together. So here are ways how you can spend quality time

with your partner after meeting after a long time.

1. Go for a picnic

Take your favorite food and go to a silent place and spend alone time with each other.

2. Take a walk

Go for a long nature walk together. It can be a great way to spend time with each other and relax

each other as well.

3. Go for a drive

This is the best. Take your care and your partner and go for a long drive with soothing music and

good eaters.

4. Join a class together

This sounds productive. Join any class or workshop which matches both the partners’ interest.

Prefer to go for some couple dancing classes!

5. Cook together

This is very enjoying. Cook together. This will let you get time to eat and spend together.

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