5 Reasons Why Sex Is Soo Good For Health

Sex is one of the most important things in life. Not only does it keep our generations going, it also balances our emotional life. But did you know that sex can be super beneficial for your health too? Let’s read on to find out some reasons why sex is so good for your health.

It helps burn calories

Don’t like exercising? Why don’t you try sexercising?! Indulging in regular sexual intercourse with your partner can help burn your extra calories and make up for your gymming session.

It improves your immune system

People who have sex regularly are known to have a better immune system. Regular sex helps produce certain antigens in your body that help fight flu and the common cold.

It keeps your heart healthy

More sex equivalents to more calorie-smoldering while keeping your oestrogen and testosterone levels in adjust. This, thusly, prompts to a solid heart rate and lesser odds of cardiovascular sicknesses.

It helps relieve pain

Get rid of all your pains with an intense sex session. If you suffer from migraines, body aches, having sex regularly is a much better option for you than taking painkillers.

It helps regularise your periods

Keep your hormones in check and beat the stress by having sex. It is the best solution for you if you an erratic menstrual cycle.