6 ways you can keep the Sex Spark alive when in a long distance relationship

All those who have felt the pain that comes when your bae leaves for another city or country would certainly know how hard long distance relationships are.

It can be madly hard to keep up the closeness however on the grounds that you are in an LDR doesn’t mean you’re going to enter some torturous dry spell. Here are six tips to spice up your distance sex life.

  1. Fix up Skype dates

It’s a staple LDR go-to move and getting settled about investigating yourself before your accomplice amps up the hotness remainder to a radically new level. If you don’t know where to begin, try out dinner dates leading on to a night of sly foreplay.

  1. Amp your teasing game

Tease your partner on the camera. Play with yourself and become a predator to show your wild side. Invest in new and sexy lingerie and click pictures in the most seductive poses for him. Wait till he melts down and begs for your body.

  1. Discuss your fantasies

Tell them about all your crazy dreams and fantasies and maybe they’ll come true. How else could you get him to be your Mr Grey?

  1. Try textual intercourse

Sexting is common in LDR’s for a reason. It always works!

  1. Send him a naughty gift

Search for some DVDs or sex toys and send it to them because who wouldn’t want to receive a big package.

  1. Play games

Put yourself in hypothetical situations with them and ask them questions. Any game can be sexy as long as you apply the right rules.


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