Are You Emotionally Unavailable To Your Partner?

Being emotionally unavailable to your partner can ruin your relationship. As the saying goes, it takes two to tango. So, when your relationship falls apart with your partner don’t put blame entirely on him, you should look within as well. Here are some signs of your growing aloofness:

Becoming critical of your partner

Upset young couple having problems with sex.

So are you the one who constantly finds fault in your partner? If yes you are distancing yourself from him. Nobody likes incessant criticism for good or bad. You need to stop doing so immediately. Or else get ready to face the consequence.


Keeping secrets?

Do you feel to not share any kind of secret with your partner? Your life was an open book earlier but of late you have started keeping secret to yourself. If you are doing so, beware as it will only attract negativity in your relationship.

Avoiding responsibilities?

You are in no mood to own any responsibility in your relationship. You rather put all burden on your partner. This will only frustrate your partner and escalate differences.

Getting Attracted To Someone Else?

Have you recently found someone in your life, you are constantly hanging out with? It may not necessarily be an emotional or physical attachment, but you can be bonding more with a new friend or a colleague and your partner might be feeling left out. If this is the case, wake up before it gets too late!

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