What Is The Ideal Length Of A Kiss?

Kiss, a single word has diverse forms and varied meanings. A kiss on a cheek symbolises affection, on forehead is care and on lips it describes feeling for an opposite sex. Your love for a person deepens with a pat of kiss. Hate might turn into affection with a kiss, lot of theories have been written about kiss and as per recent study, the ideal length of kiss has been described as 12 seconds. Yes, twelve seconds, sounds too long?


To calculate the optimum length of a kiss, Virgin Atlantic held a live experiment on Facebook, posting a video of a woman and a man kissing at the airport. They then asked viewers to send a shocked emoji that they thought marked the ideal moment to end the kiss. Which was calculated as 12 seconds.

The video had over 36,000 views and 628 reactions, a fair amount of people got involved in the study and shared their thoughts on the ideal length of a kiss . But we believe it is upto to an individual;  kissing is an art which should not be limited to time.

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